Got a question? Maybe you can find the answer here?

How many fleeces for a rug?

This does depend on the size of the fleece,  for a rug 25 X 40 inches we need roughly 3 kilo of fleece, so that could be one full Alpaca, or a longwool, but maybe 3 shetlands.

Do I need to do anything to the fleeces before sending?

Easy answer, no. We do it all, please don't wash it in any way, maybe dagg it a bit but we find over cleaning and fleeces get wasted.

How do I send them?

Feedsacks, bin bags, boxes, all well taped down, please add your name to the outside of the package with your address and email on a card inside. For a single rug order we suggest taking to the local Post Office and using Parcel Force, more than that use a carrier such as Hermes. Either way message us to say you are sending and we will let you know once your order arrives.

Then what happens?

Once the order arrives, we unbag/box the fleece to allow it to breathe, and store it in a clean dry place till we are ready to start. When it's your orders turn we will be in touch, and having assessed your fleeces can give suggestions for designs.

Is there a long waiting list?

Yes, sadly there is and at the moment we are not taking any new orders. With luck we will be in May, when we have worked through the backlog.

I am trusting you with my fleeces, are you experienced?

We started this business some 40 years ago, then it was travelling the agricultural shows, demonstrating weaving and bringing home fleeces to weave. The looms were moth balled for a time, but having moved to a wee Island and again having the space we re-started and voila it's like we have never been away.

Are the rugs washable?

Yes, but not in a washing machine they are far too heavy, we suggest filling the bath with tepid water and immersing the rug, if you fancy get in and walk about on it, allow to drain and then dry flat. I find a good beating works well and we use the old tradition, when it snows lay the rug out in the snow, then after a few hours bring it in to dry.

I would like a rug, but don't have any fleeces?

That's fine we can use some of ours, we have a no-kill flock of mixes sheep breeds, all colours and textures, tell us what you would like and we can do it.